Jonathan Sheldon maintains a busy schedule as a composer and arranger collaborating with clients, producing with fellow creators and writing for his own projects. Jonathan is committed to bringing the essence of a story to life by working with finesse and urgency to craft passionate melodies, catchy hooks, cinematic orchestrations and raw expressions inspired from a wide spectrum of genres. Jonathan’s method brings a harmonious balance between the music and the overall vision of the story.

Having embarked on his journey to create music as a career, Jonathan has composed for a wide array of genres. He has written scores for original musical theater productions. He has also composed, arranged, and written for R&B bands, pop bands, folk bands and punk rock bands. Jonathan has led his own experimental rockestra which pushes and melds the boundaries of the “known” in honest and soulful ways while adhering to the narrative nature of the works.

A true collaborator and experimentalist, Jonathan crafts music with a fresh and idiosyncratic balance of symphonic proclivities, pop sensibilities and psychedelic tendencies.

Jonathan is available to hire for bands, solo musicians, film and television, video game, musical theater, student film, Youtube video, podcast, commercial, App, website composition and more. If you are interested in utilizing the Sheldon Touch in your project, please visit the Contact page with any inquiries!

"Jonathan's compositions fuse rock & storytelling in exciting and daring new ways. His pieces are simultaneously biting & sharp with clever word play and sweeping emotion."
Mina Bloom
Dually Noted Theatre Co.