A “Rockestra” with pop sensibilities, psychedelic tendencies and symphonic proclivities.

Directed and created by Jonathan Sheldon, LudVig Van, the conscious rockestra, is an ensemble of accomplished, driven musicians hailing from a blend of musical backgrounds. The foundation of LudVig Van is built upon an unwavering dedication of the members who share the desires to play music, to spread love and joy and to create a more positive and free world today by acting on their passion: creating music.

Jonathan invites the musicians to improvise by expressing their love for creativity, freedom and positivity. Sometimes without hearing the music prior to coming in to the studio, they are encouraged to write original structures and melodies and also to track written music in their own idiosyncratic ways.

As seekers of pop sensibilities, psychedelic tendencies, and symphonic proclivities, LudVig Van is committed to creating music that moves the soul. LudVig Van is rooted in the practice of positive creation and to the collaborative journey of inspired minds playing out the richest sound possible in the moment of its creation.

“LudVig Van more than any other project reflects my musical personality, with its penchant for psychedelic surprises, weirdness, improvisation and soul.”
Jonathan Sheldon