Jonathan is an experienced, nurturing, and encouraging violin teacher for beginning students in Los Angeles, CA. He offers weekly private lessons and works individually with students from ages four to adult to achieve their musical aspirations while providing a solid foundation in classical violin technique.


Jonathan first works with his students solely on fundamental techniques. When the student becomes well versed in the technique and at home with his or her instrument, Jonathan begins to incorporate pieces and songs from the musical styles of his or her choice. Everything from movie scores to pop jingles, to fiddle tunes and rhythm-and-blues.

As both performer and composer, Jonathan has enveloped himself in a multitude of music genres resulting in his own unique genre-bending fusion. He offers this wealth of experience to his students for his teaching style, pushing the norm of basic classical fundamentals. He helps his students find their musical voice through the styles that resonate most deeply with them. Jonathan can comprehensively communicate with his students in order to teach the fundamentals of the style and to open a doorway to an entire musical, magical world in order to create a joyful and productive learning environment.


The task of learning the violin can be an arduous and perplexing process. As a violin teacher Jonathan is committed to creating a joyful, yet productive atmosphere where his students can learn to cultivate the patience, love and discipline of taking their musicianship to the next level.

Please contact Jonathan through the contact page to inquire about hiring him as your violin teacher today.

“Jonathan is a gifted and patient instructor with a talent and ability to break down concepts and demystify the violin for children and adults."
Hope Howard
Parent & Pianist